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Who are Political Voice Pros?

Some of the most powerful, persuasive and experienced voices in political advertising. The cream of the crop.

Who have they worked for?

Many of the best-known names in politics owe much of their ad campaign success to these political voiceover professionals.

Why hire them?

Because your objective is to win. And to do that, your message must be delivered with a compelling, convincing voice.



Stan Robak – Republican
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

Bob Jump – Republican
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

Doc MorganRepublican
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

John McCalmontRepublican
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

Lynne Rutherford – Republican
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

Sonya Van SickleRepublican
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

Lora Cain – Democrat
In-Home Studio • ISDN • Source Connect

Jennifer Green
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

Catherine DuBord
In-Home Studio • Source Connect

Does your production call for something more?

Anytime. Anywhere. 24/7.

We are production veterans, poised and ready.

We know the drill. Just say the word and we leap into action. Both our political voice actors and talent agents are experienced political advertising veterans who understand full well the immediacy of your needs. That’s why our services are available 24/7. And we are very scrupulous about tracking conflicts. We work closely with a Dallas-based recording studio that is as experienced with political ads as we are, and if the voice you choose does not have an in-home studio, we can book the studio for you too, saving you valuable time. Also, if you can’t decide between some of our experienced “Pros,” we can provide mp3 auditions quickly, with your copy and direction. In other words, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you win. We can always sleep later. Just consider us part of your winning team!

Political Voiceover Specialists.

Our voices win elections.

From candidates running for local seats all the way up to the race for President of the United States, Mary Collins’ political voiceover specialists have helped win elections. PoliticalVoicePros is a collection of some of the most distinguished, talented and experienced political voiceover specialists in the nation. Our voiceover experts can deliver your message in a convincing, compelling manner – in any style you need. They can speak with authority, compassion, conviction, intensity, intrigue, or any condition required to state your case and make your point. Be it image, issue, attack, or comparison ads, our voices can lend authenticity to your cause, and credence to your candidacy. Political advertising. Campaign commercials. Political announcements. Campaign speeches. Opening announcements. You name it. We’ve done it.

Our Talent Agency.

A rich history of premier talent.

PoliticalVoicePros.com is a service of The Mary Collins Agency which represents talent for all forms of political, commercial, and theatrical performances and productions. We are always available to recommend or book the talent you need for your production. We are highly skilled in selecting and scheduling the ideal talent for each role based on your casting specifications or campaign needs. The agency roster includes all age ranges from 18 and up and represents a wide variety of looks, abilities and ethnicities, including both union and non-union talent.


We’ve Got Talent.


We’ve Got Talent.

Offering a select group of the most talented and experienced performers available anywhere throughout the Southwest.

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