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Some of the most powerful, persuasive and experienced voices in political advertising. The cream of the crop.

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Many of the best-known names in politics owe much of their ad campaign success to these political voiceover professionals.

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Because your objective is to win. And to do that, your message must be delivered with a compelling, convincing voice.

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Ric Spiegel D

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Many claim to know how to voice political ads, imagining simply speaking into a microphone will sell the candidate or issue. But as in all things, experience is what really tells the story. Ric Spiegel has that experience. With more political seasons, successful campaigns and satisfied clients to his credit than most voiceover talent in this specialized area, Ric has helped win many elections. In addition to both hard and soft “political reads”, Ric has an uncanny ear for dialects, making him a perfect choice for regional political work in every corner of the country. His political work is enhanced by years of voicing national radio and TV spots, and narrating all manner of corporate videos and TV documentaries. With versatility and experience, Ric Spiegel can deliver your message as you intend it.

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Stan Robak R

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Stan Robak is a native Chicagoan who after a two-decade career in broadcast came to his senses and settled in Dallas becoming one of the best known and highly respected GOP political VO talents in the country. A lover of hotdogs but not necessarily “Chicago-style politics”, he combines showbiz sophistication with Midwestern decency. Believability, concern, sarcasm, comic timing, dry wit, what’s your poison; Stan will deliver. Karl Rove called him “the special sauce to the power of 21”. You name it, he has voiced it, TV, radio, web, corporate and more. Campaigns, legislative issues, agendas, Whew! Do we have to keep going?

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Bob JumpR

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FOX NEWS “Red Eye” says of Bob Jump “That’s a Hollywood voice … I want that voice!” SAM STEIN, White House Correspondent and regular on Morning Joe calls Bob “one of THE most influential voices of the campaign.” CHRIS MATTHEWS of MSNBC’s Hardball said of Bob’s read on catching Senator Dick Blumenthal in a lie … “That’s a deadly ad!” As a seasoned political voiceover who’s heard coast to coast on political ads and public affairs campaigns, Bob's tapped for GOP presidential runs, gubernatorial and senate campaigns, house races and national 527s for a reason. He gets the read right … right away. Bob’s voiced ads in all 50 states. Warm and folksy, tough and sarcastic, positive, negative or attack, his voice appeals to young and old, grass roots activists to longtime Hill staffers. Bob’s worked with the best political firms in the country: Something Else Strategies, Anthem Media, Strategy Group for Media, Scott Howell & Company, Jamestown, CRAFT, On-Message, American Crossroads, Hackney & Hackney, Stevens, Reed, Curcio & Potholm, Rick Reed Media, Burke Wood, Kim Alfano, McCleskey Media and Let Freedom Ring, USA. They keep inviting him back to the party for a reason. Bob’s a pro. And he’s available when you need him … fast!

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Bruce DuBose

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Bruce DuBose is a confident and consistent voiceover actor, voicing work in diverse mediums of commercial, documentary, gaming, and animation. Political work includes voiceovers for television and radio ads and web videos for national and regional candidates and causes. His reassuring voice has been heard in commercials for clients such as Ford, Frito-Lay, On the Border restaurants, The Container Store, United Supermarkets, and many others. His distinct, laconic narration can be heard in the Emmy-winning documentary series, The US/Mexican War, for PBS; the chronicle of Marine Core basic training, The Marines, also for PBS; as well as Justice for My People, documenting Latino civil rights. In the interactive gaming world Bruce is well known for voicing characters in several top-selling titles.

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Doc Morgan R

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Since 1994, Doc Morgan has been the voice of dozens of political candidates and advocacy groups. From local and regional races to state and national campaigns, Doc provides the deep sound of authority. He characterizes quiet strength, strong intensity, and thoughtful compassion. His long list of political accounts includes: Fred Thompson-TN, Kay Bailey Hutchison-TX, and Pete Sessions-TX. In the broadcast arena, he has been a voice of Ford for over 15 years. He is also the voice of Six Flags, Sports Illustrated, and various EA Sports games. And you might recall the “Man Up” Miller Lite campaign of recent years? That’s Doc. A familiar and trustworthy sound.

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Kirk Sisco

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Kirk Sisco is a highly versatile, "go-to" voiceover actor appearing in hundreds of spots, from political campaigns to ads for Fortune 500 companies. Whether your concept requires a friendly, "guy-next-door" appeal; a hard-hitting editorial style; or just the right touch of humor, pathos, drama, or charm, he delivers the results quickly and with a minimum of direction. Having begun his career working in creative for several AAAA Ad Agencies, he knows exactly how to help make your challenges easier and more fun. With 30 years of experience in professional stage and an impressive list of credits in both comedic and dramatic roles in motion pictures and television, he knows how to give you the read you need.

Bob Hess

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Bob Hess’s training, versatility, and experience working for national and regional voiceover clients make him an ideal talent for the political arena. He is dually comfortable in the role of a knowledgeable, authoritative, confident, and passionate political announcer or an honest, natural, real, believable “everyman.” In addition, twenty years of experience as an instructor of language/grammar/voice (as well as an ear for nuances of dialect) make Bob an excellent candidate for regional work. What clients remember about Bob (and what frequently sets him apart) is his very strong work ethic of reliability, focus, and consistency.

Ashley Wood

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From reading as announcer, to regular guy, to quirky character, Ashley Wood brings passion, versatility, intelligence, and command of language to any political project. As a professional actor for over 20 years, he has honed his craft both behind the mic, in front of the camera and even in live performance. In the booth, his regular clients have included Southwest Airlines, LeapFrog, Rent-a-Center, and The Texas Lottery. On television, he has appeared in Friday Night Lights, The Good Guys, and Revolution. Numerous onstage credits include Hamlet and James Leeds in Children of a Lesser God.

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John McCalmont

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John McCalmont is commonly known as the voice of the “working man,” because he is not afraid to get his hands dirty! John has that unique voice that the working class of America can relate with. During hot political races John is always on standby ready to voice the latest update or political turn from his personal ISDN studio, where he works every day voicing national campaigns, television promos and narrating series. It is well known that he sleeps with his phone waiting for a text or e-mail available 24/7 get the job done! Not only is John a great political voice, but has also been featured on camera as the national spokesperson for Nissan, Host of SLICED on the History Channel and has hosted such national TV shows as “Built in America "Designing Spaces," "Real House," and “Military Makeover”. John has the ability to hit hard issue ads with a strong viewpoint, and pull back to sensitive subjects that take a gentle approach, and when necessary, hit ‘em where it hurts!

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Rob McCollum

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Robert “Rob” McCollum, a veteran actor both in the booth and on camera, has established a solid reputation in voiceover work as the “Honest Voice.” Whether conveying genuine and upbeat excitement, offering earnest advice, doling out deserved derision, or just telling you how the regular guy-next-door feels, Robert has added his credible gravitas to dozens of political advertisements. His other voice credits include national commercial campaigns, web videos, corporate narrations, and video games. A talented professional with a head for business, Robert gets that time is money, and won’t waste yours, especially in the heat of the battle.

Sam Williamson

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Sam Williamson is a storyteller. With over 20 years of experience behind the mic (as well as in front of the camera), what sets Sam apart as a professional voiceover actor is his ability to keep it real. Sam is youthful, warm, friendly, energetic, and compelling, and has often been cast as the authentic, non-announcery “real” voice. He has confidently voiced numerous political ads as well as documentary films, industrial narrations, video games, animation, book readings, and hundreds of national and regional commercials.

Eric Vale

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When Eric was 10 years old, he spent his summer inside the movie theaters of Beaumont, TX to escape the heat. What he saw on screen changed his life from that of a kid headed for a life of sports to that of an actor. At this point in his career, he is an accomplished voice talent having played lead characters on such wildly popular shows as Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia. And now he is now voicing political ads to his repertoire. Eric’s love for performance extends far beyond the voice booth. He performs on stage whenever he can, most of which these days is with his comedy troupe The Folding Chairs. When not acting, he prefers relaxing and going to the movies with his wife and kids.

Michael Clemons

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Michael Clemons is a versatile voice actor who is new to the political arena. He takes direction efficiently and has the ability to interpret copy on the fly. Michael possesses a range that’s proven suitable for any voice performance, including commercial voiceover, animation, video games, narration, audio books, and now, political advertisements. Michael’s known for his easy-going nature and professionalism. He is a trained actor with experience ranging from industrial spokes work to all levels of television and film projects. His skills paired with a diverse appearance are keeping him in high demand.

Stephen Cabrero

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Stephen is a highly sought after Spanish voice in the DFW metroplex and nationally. Graduating from UT Arlington, Texas with a BA in Communications and minors in Film and Photography, Stephen knows every aspect of the communications industry. He started the first 30-minute Spanish Newscast in DFW with KUVN TV Channel 23 (Univision) as producer/director. Later he became the first Spanish weatherman in the same newscast. Mr. Cabrero has extensive multi camera event experience, and has taken great strides in the care of the quality of media presented to the Hispanic Community. Stephen owns his own business, Eye to Eye Productions, where he works closely with ad agencies, producing top-notch commercials and industrials. A long-term goal is to produce and direct his own feature film. And of course, he's a Boy Scout leader.

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Lynne Rutherford R

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For over a decade, Lynne Rutherford has been a leading female political voice in the national market, working on campaigns for presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial candidates as well as statewide and municipal races, and special initiatives and issues. One of the most experienced political voices in the country, Lynne has extensive national TV and radio credits and a winning track record as a signature voice. Lynne is known for an innate understanding of the medium that brings truth, clarity, and focus to your project. Lynne delivers a great read every time, whether your project is a hard-hitting attack ad, or a sympathetic and delicate viewpoint that requires finesse. Lynne’s other voice work includes retail campaigns, medical and corporate advertising and narrations, documentaries for the Biography Channel, and audio books. Adept at accents and regional dialects, and an accomplished singer with many stage credits, Lynne brings experience and insight to your campaign.

Sally Vahle

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Sally Vahle is an award-winning actress who has been satisfying political voiceover clients for more than a decade. Those clients consistently describe her as a charismatic, intuitive voiceover artist who has impeccable instincts. Other words associated with Sally’s voice include: earnest, trustworthy, calm, sardonic, inquisitive, nuanced, wry, honest, emotional… and everything in-between. A consummate professional, Sally delivers exceptional attention to detail. Her versatility and acting skill are guaranteed to help convey your message. Sally looks forward to working for your candidate or issue this election year!

Pam Dougherty

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Considered one of the most versatile voice talents in the region, Pam Dougherty has extensive credits on stage, television, film, animation and interactive voiceover, and radio. Her political clients have included local candidates, state representatives, gubernatorial campaigns, and U.S. Senate and House bids. She can currently be heard across the country in TV spots debating the Affordable Care Act, with her voice along side President Obama’s. Pam can express experience, empathy, or sincerity to your candidate, and bring maturity, drama, or a sense of urgency to your cause.

Ellen Locy

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Ellen Locy is a highly sought-after political voiceover actor and announcer who has worked in the political arena for more than a decade. Her voice has been featured in campaigns ranging from small town races to the U.S. Presidency. Along with experience, she brings intelligence, compassion, respect, and enthusiasm to every job. Honed by years of working in theatre, radio, film, and commercial broadcast, Ellen projects a credible and versatile voice. Whether your message needs a spokesperson or a soccer mom, Ellen is the go-to “everywoman” your audience will trust.

Jennifer Green

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Jennifer is a well-rounded artist with extensive training in acting, directing, vocal study, singing, and improvisation. She received her BFA from Abilene Christian University. Since signing with the Mary Collins Agency, Jennifer has booked work across the board in voiceover, print, commercial, and film. Jennifer has extensive experience with IFB and teleprompter use, as for over three years she hosted a daily, four hour, live financial webcast with an international audience. Clients looking for a good voiceover talent are always impressed with her many dialects, character voices and age ranges. The broad scope of her voiceover work includes interactive video games and toys, audio books, educational materials, as well as national radio and television commercials. And, now, she also provides voiceovers in the world of political ads. She has been nominated for a Leon Rabin award and a Column Award for her theatrical work here in Dallas. Jennifer’s special interested include Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, stilt walker snow skiing, water skiing, and scuba diving.

Lora Cain D

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Lora Cain has voiced numerous political spots ranging from campaigns for Congressional and local candidates to environmental to judicial issues. Since 1992, she has lent her voice to Democratic, Moderate, Progressive, and pro-choice Republican candidates and causes. Lora is internationally known for her voiceover work and has been the commercial voice of some of the most well known brands in the world. Promo voice accounts include clients such as CNN and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Constance Jones

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Constance Jones has the kind of attention-grabbing voice needed for political work. With years of experience in the booth, Constance has the versatility to provide a number of reads, from loving and concerned mother to strong and authoritative advocate. She has a broad appeal and can help your message reach a varied audience. Constance has been an on-camera and voiceover actor for over two decades and has an extensive resume with credits in film, television, commercial, and industrial work. She’s also worked as a live announcer for award shows.

Sonya Van Sickle R

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When a political client wants a voice that’s authoritative, sincere, and real, that client will book Sonya Van Sickle. Her quality and depth of tone can exude warmth and honesty, drawing the listener in. Conversely, she can also give a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact presentation with confidence, assurance, and genuine believability. In the high stakes arena of politics, when you want your candidate to be the strong, clear choice, you want Sonya Van Sickle delivering your message.

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Catherine Dubord

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Catherine DuBord is no stranger to the industry. She has worked professionally ever since graduating Summa Cum Laude from SMU with a BFA in Acting. Catherine, a recent addition to our political voice pros, has given her voice to companies all over the United States and internationally. She’s also comfortable in front of the camera and is teleprompter proficient, providing talent for projects ranging from commercials to web series to corporate videos. With her background in improve, dance, accents/dialects, state combat, and theatre, Catherine can fit the bill for any clients. Discover what so many companies already have. Book Catherine for your next project today.

Lydia Mackay

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Well trained and highly versed in the art of political voiceover, Lydia Mackay is someone you can count on to ensure that your message is heard. She has been a stage and voiceover actor for nearly twenty years, creating dynamic characters on camera, in front of an audience, or behind the microphone. Lydia has a BFA and an MFA in acting, which has honed her voice for both subtle expression and grand vocal gesture. Comfortable with dialects, her characters have believability while her own natural tone lends great credence and integrity.

Patty Wirtz

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A voice actor for more than 20 years, Patty has voiced thousands of projects for clients around the world. Chances are, you’ve already heard her work as “BJ the Dinosaur” on the long running PBS series “Barney and Friends”! As a professional voice talent who is truly a VOICE ACTOR, versatility and believability are Patty's signature traits. Her extensive background in live theater, musical comedy, and children's programming have honed her skills and developed her flexibility. And now she can add “political voice” to her broad voiceover experience. Whether your project calls for the sincere sound of the woman next door, a professional corporate read, or a fresh and funny character voice, Patty can deliver...from your studio or hers!

Laurie Steele

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From attack ads to bipartisan causes to dramatic reads, Laurie Steele has the voice your political campaign needs. A seasoned professional, Laurie’s commanding and authoritative sound naturally lends itself to political copy. Deeper-pitched than most women, she can offer a range of reads, from level and informed to downright disgusted. During past election years Laurie has voiced numerous campaign ads across the country for many regional and national candidates, including Ross Perot in the 1996 Presidential race. She also has extensive experience in commercial, animation, and interactive voiceover work.

Farah White

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When Farah White speaks, people listen. Political clients have enjoyed her voice in their ads for issues and campaigns since 2009. In addition, North Texans have heard her for several years in television, radio, and web spots as the voice of Baylor Hospital. Farah also has extensive experience in front of the camera, working on numerous films, industrial spokes jobs, and broadcast commercials. A successful film producer as well, Farah understands the need for a quick read done correctly the first time.

Leticia Magana

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"Leticia" has over 20 years of experience in the business with extensive credits to her name. Her roots in theater and improv have groomed her to be an excellent host and spokesperson on live shows. On camera, her versatility is staggering, having played everything from a pirate to a doctor on TV. She is teleprompter and ear prompter proficient and she usually gets the job done in one take, while still delivering the natural, comedic or dramatic read requested by her directors. Now multiply all this by two because she is fluent in Spanish! She loves what she does and it shows.

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From candidates running for local seats all the way up to the race for President of the United States, Mary Collins’ political voiceover specialists have helped win elections. PoliticalVoicePros is a collection of some of the most distinguished, talented and experienced political voiceover specialists in the nation. Our voiceover experts can deliver your message in a convincing, compelling manner - in any style you need. They can speak with authority, compassion, conviction, intensity, intrigue, or any condition required to state your case and make your point. Be it image, issue, attack, or comparison ads, our voices can lend authenticity to your cause, and credence to your candidacy. Political advertising. Campaign commercials. Political announcements. Campaign speeches. Opening announcements. You name it. We’ve done it.

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We know the drill. Just say the word and we leap into action. Both our political voice actors and talent agents are experienced political advertising veterans who understand full well the immediacy of your needs. That’s why our services are available 24/7. For your convenience we can provide voiceover and on-camera auditions via our Iso-booth with condenser mic and HD camera and lighting kit, which is also available for you to direct your own auditions. With our convenient Projects tool, you can create collections of potential cast members you select from our roster and then store them for later reference or email them to others for review. We can also create them for you and email them to you for your review. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you win. We can always sleep later. Just consider us part of your winning team!

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PoliticalVoicePros.com is a service of The Mary Collins Agency which represents talent for all forms of political, commercial, and theatrical performances and productions. We are always available to recommend or book the talent you need for your production. We are highly skilled in selecting and scheduling the ideal talent for each role based on your casting specifications or campaign needs. The agency roster includes all age ranges from 18 and up and represents a wide variety of looks, abilities and ethnicities, including both union and non-union talent.

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If your political commercials require dramatization or acting skills, let us help you fill those roles with actors highly skilled in the following areas:

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  • Comedy
  • Characters/Animation
  • Documentary
  • Commercials
  • Infomercials
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  • Educational
  • Show Host/Announcer
  • News Anchor/Reporter
  • Public Speaker/Emcee
  • Fluent Foreign Language
  • Accents/Dialects
  • Characters/Personalities
  • Singing/Jingles
  • Teleprompter
  • Ear Prompter
  • Stage Combat
  • Performance Experience

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